Wasabi Soy Dressing & Wasabi…Earrings?!

I felt like having Subway the other morning, so I ended up randomly whipping up my own homemade sub. I used lettuce, ham, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, tomato, egg, and a special wasabi soy sauce dressing. Did you know that that’s actually available at Subways here in Japan?! It sounds a bit extreme, but it’s actually delicious and adds a nice kick to your sub.

Wasabi Soy Dressing

  • Wasabi
  • Soy Sauce
  • Sesame oil
  • Rice Vinegar

So simple! Actually, I feel like it would make a great salad dressing as well.

I’ve been on a bit of a breakfast sandwich kick lately, so I actually ended up making another one this morning. I’ll admit that I got a bit carried away when I was slicing the bread. That’s a thick sandwich! XD

On the theme of wasabi, here is another one of my recent earring creations. A tube of wasabi and salmon sashimi. Cute right? 😀


Travelling Japan: Convenience Store Food

Convenience stores in Japan are nothing like the 7-Elevens and 24-hour corner stores we have here in North America. The variety they manage to fit in such a small shop is incredible. Instead of just the standard sandwiches and pizza, they have curry, spaghetti, salads, soup, soba noodles, rice balls, bento boxes, and pretty much every dessert.

For lunch, I picked up natto rolls and inarizushi, which is a pouch of sweet fried tofu filled with sushi rice.



natto rolls


Vegan Mango Sushi <3

I’ve completely fallen in love with mangoes this summer, and while I still think that they are at their absolute best when eaten straight, I’m pretty much game for any dish that has the word mango in it. So, I decided to try out making my own mango sushi, which is found in just about every Japanese restaurant across Vancouver right now. (Do they do this in your city, too?)

It adds a beautiful texture and sweetness, and next to avocado, it’s probably the closest thing to vegan sashimi out there.

mango sushi 2

mango sushi 1