Magical Little Chickpeas (Hummus recipe!)

Remind me again why I’ve been buying hummus all these years?

I used to make hummus at home all the time, but recently I somehow fell into the habit of buying ready-made commercial hummus. Sure, it’s convenient and if you buy it at Costco like I do, it’s really quite affordable as well. But, it’s actually fun to make at home and you can adjust the flavour to your liking. Plus, not to mention once you’re done making it, you get to wipe up the blender and the spatula with thick slices of pita bread…which is a fantastic excuse to eat tons and tons of fresh, warm hummus! It’s all in the details.

For this batch, I thoroughly rinsed about 500 grams of dried chickpeas, brought them to a slow boil, and then let them sit overnight (or, for about 6 hours). The next morning, I brought them to a slow boil again and let simmer until soft.


Next, I filled up my Vitamix blender about 2/3 of the way with the chickpeas, and then added in the following ingredients. (All measurements are very approximate, so be sure to adjust to your liking!)

  • 3 tbsp tahini
  • 3 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1.5 tsp salt
  • 1 large clove of garlic
  • crushed chili peppers


There were enough chickpeas that I made two batches like this, and still had enough left over to make some vegan chickpea “tuna” salad and a bit of chana masala curry. And, don’t forget that if you have some of the water left over after having cooked your chickpeas (otherwise known as aquafaba), you can use this as an effective egg white replacement in vegan baking!

I’ve got to say, I’m pretty impressed with the versatility of chickpeas. They’re healthy, cheap, delicious…and adorable. My new favorite legume.



32 thoughts on “Magical Little Chickpeas (Hummus recipe!)

    1. Haha I know! I guess I just got tempted by the different varieties in the shops (beet, roasted red pepper, caramelized onion…). And then I just got into the habit. Not anymore, though! 😀

      1. Awesome! Thanks for remembering! Since then, I went to Japan again for a few weeks and ate yuba almost every night. Such a treat. I’m looking forward to making some at home!

      2. Awesome! I’m glad you liked it! Actually, when I make hummus it ends up being very thick, so I usually just use all the left over water to thin down the hummus to the right consistency when I serve it. The water should be good for making vegan meringue, though! All you do is add sugar to about one cup of the water and beat it with your mixer. It can take a long time to stiffen (even up to 10 minutes). Here are a couple recipes I’ve been wanting to try out:
        They’re for vegan mayonnaise and chocolate mousse. Let me know if you end up trying one out!! On a slightly different topic, I recently made some awesome custard using the chickpea “milk” that I drained out from the chickpea pulp. I’ll do a post on that soon!

    1. Hey! Thanks! Yeah, life got a little hectic and I neglected my blog for a while haha. Ended up moving back to Vancouver for a little bit, then went to Japan again, and now I just got back to Canada again!

      1. Absolutely! Can’t wait to go back! I still plan on keeping Japan a big part of my life, and will continue to travel back and forth, but I’ll be doing things a little differently this time.

      2. Cool beans! Or… Cool chickpeas! 😋 sorry haha

        Oh awesome though!!! I really hope you do! Email me when you come back! Plus I reckon we should get another collab going!

      3. I’d love to! I’ll think about a good topic for a collab and get back to you. Or, if you have anything in mind, let me know! Should be fun 🙂

    1. I love making hummus, too. I’m going to make another batch soon! Usually I only put garlic in as a flavoring, but I’d like to make something more exciting this time. What other spices and herbs do you recommend?

      1. A pumpkin hummus is really yummy or with chopped black olives or a simple one with chopped fresh parsley or chives. Or one with sweet smoked paprika in it,…

      2. Those all sound fantastic! Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas. Now, I just have to figure out which one to try first! 🙂

      3. Great idea! I often buy roasted red pepper hummus, and I absolutely love it. I think I really ought to try making it at home this time 😛

  1. Wow, I’ll have to make this recipe! It seems you can make so much more for your money (and hummus that is fresh, unprocessed and delicious)! Also sounds so enticing to clean out the blender with pita bread 🙂

    1. Absolutely! I’m never going back to buying hummus ever again. It’s far cheaper, healthier, and it actually tastes better! Not to mention it’s so much fun playing around with different combinations of ingredients. I mixed some ground cumin into my last batch, and that really took it to the next level.

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