Yakisoba: Japanese fried noodles

Have you ever heard of yakisoba? It’s a super popular street food in Japan, and a staple dish found at every festival you’ll ever visit. The streets will always be lined with food stalls where they have a big flat grill set up, and there’s someone frying up a huge pile of yakisoba noodles using these metal spatulas specially designed for flipping the ingredients.

The most classic yakisoba dish consists of hearty noodles fried together with cabbage, carrots, and onion. It’s then topped off with a savory sauce, shavings of aonori (a type of dried seaweed), and small slices of pickled pink ginger. Recently, some vendors have started to add on some other popular toppings like Japanese mayonnaise.

I don’t usually get to buy yakisoba at food stands because there’s sometimes a bit of meat thrown into the mix, but that doesn’t stop me from making it at home! Lucky for me, it’s fairly quick and easy to put together. I had this for dinner the other night, along with some slices of deep fried tofu that I picked up at the shops and then warmed up in the grill a few minutes before serving.



14 thoughts on “Yakisoba: Japanese fried noodles

    1. There’s a special type of sauce that they use in Japan for Western-style or non-traditional dishes like this. It’s insanely popular and the taste is a little like Worcestershire sauce. Hehe I checked the ingredients: tomato, apple, carrot, onion, plum, lemon, vinegar, sugar, salt, yeast extract, spice. So…safe! 😛

  1. Ooh, at a vocaloid summer event, there was blue green yakisoba to represent hatsune miku. It was so cute, I love yakisoba!

    1. Haha oh that’s so neat! I wish you took pics! That reminds me of the Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku where they have crazy things like rainbow ramen! Have you heard of it? The decor is absolutely insane 😛

  2. DELISH. We had dinner at a vietnamese restaurant a few weeks ago and the garlic noodles were so yummy. We couldn’t figure out what type of noodle was used- they were just thick and scrumptious. Do you think it was these? I may have to go stock up and try out the famous Japanese version!

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