Pink Mochi filled with Sweet White Bean Paste

I’ve made a few posts before about kashiwa mochi, the amazing Japanese sweet that’s traditionally enjoyed on Children’s Day in Japan. Kashiwa mochi are soft rice cakes filled with sweet red bean paste and wrapped up in a special oak leaf. I’ve also talked about sakura mochi, another popular dessert made of a pink rice cake filled with red bean paste and folded into a salted cherry leaf.

Cherry blossom season is over, and Children’s Day was back in May, but if you go to a traditional sweet shop it’s still possible to get an interesting treat that blends together the best of both worlds…a pink kashiwa mochi!



I’d been very curious to try this for a while because of one unusual ingredient. Instead of the usual sweet red bean paste which tastes almost like chocolate and is insanely popular, this one is actually filled with a sweet white bean paste. White bean paste itself is fairly common in Japanese confectionaries, but the most interesting thing here is that the white bean paste is flavored with just a touch of miso!

I thought there was a good chance that I wouldn’t like the pairing of sweet and salty, but the miso flavor was so subtle and delicate that it just enhanced the sweetness of the white bean paste. Absolutely fantastic! I still have yet to taste a Japanese sweet that I don’t like. If you find one, let me know!



31 thoughts on “Pink Mochi filled with Sweet White Bean Paste

    1. Aw thank you!! And speaking of melting…I discovered that if you heat them very briefly, they become even softer and more gooey. Hehehe. Mochi is the best 😛

      1. Haha I know, mochi can be a bit hard to get your hands on outside of Japan! I’ve found that you can make a nice soft mochi easily at home using glutinous rice flour, though!

      1. You are very welcome. You have a lovely blog…varied … interesting…fab. photos.. and yes.. such very tempting sweets 🙂

    1. Yes, I love it! It’s so creamy. I used to think that red bean paste was the only way to go, but now that I’ve tried white bean paste I have a new appreciation for it!

    1. Hahaha I think English desserts have a sort of grandeur about them. And besides, it’s the land of pies and sticky toffee pudding.I think that’s pretty awesome, too! 😛

      1. Oh yeah, I didn’t think of it that way. Of course the style of the dish is different…but the quantity as well! Even when they do serve Western desserts in Japan, the portion size is a fraction of what I’m used to seeing.

    1. Yes, mochi is such a neat food! There’s nothing quite like it! It’s very difficult to get good quality mochi back home in Vancouver as well, so I really indulge when I’m in Japan haha 😀 I hope you are able to make it at home!

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