Fluffy Red Bean Donuts at a Japanese Bakery

That’s right. We’re talking about sweet red bean paste again today…What can I say? It’s one of the best things in Japanese cuisine!

I made a post a little while back on a real old fashioned red bean donut that I bought from a traditional sweet shop in Mito. The shop has been around for over half a century, and a fellow blogger pointed out to me that they even have a handwritten sign in the window saying that they are rumoured to be the best red bean donuts in the city. These traditional style treats were made with a thick cake batter, making the donut dense and incredibly rich in flavor.


For the sake of comparison (that’s my excuse), I went to a modern upscale bakery and tried out their version of the red bean donut. Instead of using cake batter, they went with a sweet bread dough which they then deep fried and sprinkled with sugar. From what I’ve seen, this style of red bean donut seems to be more common nowadays. It’s a lot bigger and fluffier and tastes quite different, but it’s still awesome in its own way. If any of you have ever tried these different versions of the red bean donut, I’d love to hear what you think. Which do you like better?


After refueling at the bakery, I walked a few kilometers out to the famous and historical Kairakuen Park. It’s known as one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan, and it’s absolutely massive. There are gift shops and resting areas at the entrance, and once you enter the park there are many walking paths that take you through bamboo forests and a huge grove of plum trees.



20 thoughts on “Fluffy Red Bean Donuts at a Japanese Bakery

    1. They are! And, when I tried them I was surprised that they tasted even better than they looked…which tells you how awesome they are hahaha 😀

      1. Although I’d love to try making it, actually I haven’t made An-donuts yet. I like all sort of sweets but I hardly eat donuts. However, if I make one it will be definitely with yeast dough. I love making bread as well 🙂

      2. Haha me too. I almost never eat donuts, but I make an exception when I’m in Japan. They’re just too good to miss out on! The bread version was very light and airy (and maybe a bit healthier hehe), so I’m with you on that one!

    1. Yes, it’s absolutely worth a try if you ever come across it! There are a few different styles of red bean paste, but some are thick and velvety almost like chocolate ganache (except it’s actually good for you!). It’s such a treat 🙂

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