Imagawayaki: Japanese Cakes with Sweet Filling

Imagawayaki are a classic Japanese treat that I have loved ever since I was a little kid. They are a staple item at festivals and fairs, although you can also find them pretty easily at other year-round food vendors and small sweet shops. Unlike a lot of other traditional Japanese confectionaries, imagawayaki are actually made fresh right there in front of you and you can usually buy them while they’re still piping hot.


I’ve tried buying imagawayaki (or something that looks a lot like them) back home in Canada a few times but they tend to substitute with pancake batter so the flavor and texture is way off. I don’t know exactly what they use for the authentic batter here in Japan, but real Japanese imagawayaki are unmistakably different. Nowadays, you can choose a variety of different fillings like custard, chocolate cream, and sometimes even local varieties like sweet potato, but I always go with the good old sweet red bean filling. These are so satisfying!



16 thoughts on “Imagawayaki: Japanese Cakes with Sweet Filling

    1. Oh, you have to go to Japan! Even just for the culinary amazingness, if nothing else hahaha! The sweets aren’t as rich as western ones…but that just means that you can eat more! 😛

    1. Ah, so you call them obanyaki! I heard that they have many different names, but I never knew any of them! Yeah, this one was delicious. I asked for one straight out of the grill instead of one that they’d already removed and packaged up, so they azuki was like lava. Perfect! hehe 😀

      1. Yes, actually I call it ‘Oobanyaki’ or ‘Ohbanyaki’ with a long ‘O’ sound. Just baked one is the best! Love Azuki lava! 😀

    1. Oh, you have to try one! They’re kind of like thin waffles, bursting with sweet filling…so kind of like a blend between a jam donut and a waffle…but healthier. Anyways, they’re incredible! 😀

    1. Hey! Sorry I didn’t notice your comment until now! Yeah, I think the batter is the same as taiyaki, although I have seem some taiyaki variations pop up recently, where they replace the regular batter with croissant dough. I haven’t tried them…but they look pretty amazing hehe 😀

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