Gourmet Chocolate Doughnut at a Depachika

On another visit to Mito, I ended up stopping by a large department store. In Japan, the bottom floor of any department store is called the depachika, or in other words, it’s the food floor! Here you can buy a whole assortment of beautifully decorated and luxurious sweets, bento lunches, gift boxes, local specialties, and souvenir snacks. You can also usually get high quality fruits and vegetables. The depachika is loads of fun and it’s always my most favorite section of any Japanese department store!

On this visit, a gourmet doughnut stand caught my eye with its line up of free samples. In Japan, if you’re lucky you can find doughnuts made out of okara, or the soy pulp left over from making tofu. I prefer them to regular ones, as I find that they have a rich flavour and are very crispy on the outside. If you ever find an okara doughnut, definitely give it a try!

I got to sample a matcha green tea doughnut and a salt doughnut. The man also had a whole bunch of other interesting flavours like tiramisu, roasted soybean, strawberry, and black sesame. I settled for a good old fashioned chocolate coated doughnut. The amazing thing about this shop was that instead of using chocolate icing, he actually used pure melted dark chocolate.



2 thoughts on “Gourmet Chocolate Doughnut at a Depachika

  1. I’m intrigued by many of the flavors that you found at the store – they are so different from what would be found at the typical doughnut shop in the U.S., but they sound wonderful. I’m particularly intrigued by the green tea doughnut.

    1. Haha yes, pretty much everything comes in green tea here! They even have green tea Kit Kats and Oreos. My favorite was the one coated in roasted soy bean powder (kinako). It’s used in a lot of traditional Japanese sweets and tastes a lot like peanut butter! 🙂

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