Wakame Udon Noodles and a Bamboo Park

As I wandered through Mito the other weekend, I started to get hungry and was lucky enough to find a fantastic little udon shop. The prices are very affordable, and they have basically every udon dish you can think of. Among some of the veggie options were: kitsune udon (udon noodles with a huge sheet of fluffy deep fried tofu floating on top), tororo udon (udon topped with grated yam), kake udon (a plain udon bowl with sliced green onions piled up on top), oroshi udon (udon with grated daikon raddish), and kare udon (udon noodles in a thick curry broth).

I went for the wakame udon, which is the standard bowl of udon noodles, topped with a whole bunch of wakame seaweed and some sliced green onion. The great thing about a lot of udon restaurants in Japan is that they have a self-serve topping station where you can fill up on tenkasu (little bits of deep fried batter), crushed chili powder, grated ginger, and green tea.

After this fun lunch, I discovered an incredible park nearby that was surrounded by a bamboo forest. It was so serene and absolutely gorgeous!



17 thoughts on “Wakame Udon Noodles and a Bamboo Park

    1. Yeah it’s really beautiful. I’m thinking of heading out there again today actually! Last time I went I could hear the uguisu (Japanese bush warblers) calling out. It’s so enchanting 🙂

    1. Haha yeah it was just randomly tucked away at the foot of a tree somewhere in the middle of a field. It was really easy to not even notice it 😛

    1. I’m glad you asked! I actually wasn’t sure, so when I read your question on Sunday morning, I decided to head out to Mito for the day and visit the park again. I had been looking for an excuse to return haha! Turns out that there are two types of plants growing in the water there around the path — irises and a type of reed called ashi (or also called yoshi). Last time I went, the plants were still small like in this photo, but now they were taller and in bloom! I’ll do a post on it later! 🙂

      1. Oh, sorry about the trouble I gave you and thanks for reporting back to me. If they are irises the place will transform when it’s flowering time. Maybe you would want to go back there for the third time? I look forward to the follow up post.

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