Melon Bread filled with Melon Custard

On the weekends I like to take the train out to Mito and spend the day there exploring. The place where I live is a bit rural so it’s not easy to get around on foot. I love to wander through Mito because it’s a bigger city so there are endless shops, restaurants, department stores and parks all within walking distance.

When I get there in the morning I usually walk past a bunch of fancy bakeries surrounding the train station and they’re always stocked with freshly baked gourmet buns and pastries ready for the morning and lunch rush. The bakeries in Japan are incredible. The variety is unbelievable…the only problem is deciding what to buy because everything looks so tempting! The other day I had a slice of heavenly raisin, walnut, maple syrup bread. I also have my eye on this green tea and red bean croissant.

One item that I’d really been curious about was the Mito melon buns, which are called melon pan in Japanese. The standard melon pan are sweet fluffy buns with a delicious cookie-like shell coating the top of the bread roll. They don’t actually have anything to do with melons, but are so named because the way that the cookie coating cracks after being baked resembles the rough surface of a musk melon. These standard melon pan are extremely popular and can be found absolutely everywhere.

In Mito, however, they have a special type of melon pan that people are going absolutely crazy for. The Mito melon buns actually have real melon in them. Apparently, they don’t use any water when making the bread dough…just pure melon juice! Inside, the buns are filled with sweet melon custard. And, instead of the typical golden sugar cookie coating, these specialty melon buns are topped with a green melon flavoured cookie shell. Like I said, Japanese bakeries are amazing!


These fancy bread rolls are called “Premium Melon Buns” and they even have their own specially made paper bags. When I walk past the bakeries in the morning, they are always well-stocked, but by the time I come back through in the evening, every single melon bun has been sold out…at every bakery! This weekend I was smart and bought a premium melon bun first thing in the morning. So, this was my breakfast!



15 thoughts on “Melon Bread filled with Melon Custard

    1. Isn’t it! I was talking about it the other day, and apparently even a lot of Japanese people haven’t heard of it! I guess it’s unique to Mito city. It’s pretty amazing though 😀

      1. It is so fun to discover new food. I have so much fun traveling internationally partially because of that. I had the most amazing pastries while in China. They make the most beautiful, not too sweet cakes! It was my daughter’s birthday while we were there, and our guide arranged for a simply gorgeous, fruit decorated cake for her! Your blog is so fun to read!

      2. Thank you! Yes, I know what you mean. I’ve never been to China but back home in Vancouver, there’s a huge Chinese community. I often go to the shops and they really do make the most intricate cakes topped with melons, dragon fruit, kiwi… 😀

    1. It was! They bake them first thing that morning and they sell out within hours. And they only have one small basket of them which they’re constantly restocking, so the melon bread is always fresh out of the oven. 😀

    1. Yes, it’s lightly sweetened. I think they must have used more butter and sugar than a standard loaf of bread because the flavor was quite rich. The melon juice also added a bit of extra sweetness. I hope you do give it a try! I would absolutely love to see how it turns out!

  1. I’ve never seen this type of melon pan before. They look so delicious and will definitely visit Mito if I ever have a chance to visit Japan again in the future.

    1. Definitely! Mito is a great place for trying out sweets. Not just new ones like this, but also traditional handmade confectioneries. There are so many old sweet shops along the streets that have been around for decades and decades. It’s a fun place to try out new foods for sure!

    1. Melon flavored melon pan is very popular in Japan right now! …Which contributes even further to the already existing confusion, because now you can’t even say that melon pan doesn’t actually taste like melon, and that it’s just named after it’s appearance…because now a lot of them really ARE melon flavored haha 😛 Delicious though!!

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