Green Tea, Sweets and Cherry Blossoms in Hitachi

I took the trip out to Hitachi two weekends ago for the pre-sakura festival celebrations. (I also went to the full event this weekend, which I’ll make a separate post about!) The pre-event was a chance for people to gather together and enjoy a wide display of food stalls and other tents and booths, but before the cherry blossoms had reached their peak.

Hitachi was a booming mining town back in the mid-1900’s and experienced a massive surge in population during that period. As I wandered through the streets, it was amazing to see all the buildings, lampposts and tile streets preserved from the fifties and sixties.

hitachi ramenhitachi street1hitachi street2hitachi doll

After walking for a couple hours, we stumbled across a tea ceremony hosted by local junior high school students. We sat down and enjoyed a bowl of surprisingly high quality, freshly whisked matcha tea. They also served each guest these traditional dango, which are delicious gooey sweets made from pounded glutinous rice. Dango have a very subtle flavour, with each of the three colours having a slightly different taste. The pink one was sweetest, the white was just slightly on the savory side, and the green dango had a pleasant leafy taste that comes from the yomogi plant mixed into the dough.

hitachi dangohitachi tea2hitachi tea3hitachi tea1


8 thoughts on “Green Tea, Sweets and Cherry Blossoms in Hitachi

    1. Thank you! I wish you could join. This matcha was creamy and strong, with only a slight bitterness. Very well balanced. I’m sure you’d love it!

  1. My son loves the matcha green tea (DNA) – it’s a little strong for me, but I’m sure it’s good for me. Our family recently went to a Japanese restaurant near the cultural district in Fort Worth, Texas. My son had something like a pancake ..

    1. Green tea is incredibly good for you, so if your son enjoys the taste that’s great! A pancake at a Japanese restaurant…I wonder what it was. Was it sweet or savory? If savory, I wonder if it was okonomiyaki?

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