Giant Steamed Veggie Buns!

I had a sudden craving for steamed buns the other day so I headed to Chinatown to see what was on offer. I wandered up and down the streets, stepping into random dim sum shops and bakeries looking for veggie steamed buns, but pretty much everything contained meat or seafood. Just when I thought I’d have to go back home empty handed, I discovered what is now my absolute favorite Chinese bakery in Vancouver. Every single bun, cake, dumpling, and tart is gigantic! They’re honestly about twice the size of every other shop I visited, and the crazy thing is that most of the items are actually cheaper!


For lunch, I got one white steamed veggie bun, and another whole wheat one. They were so huge that I couldn’t even finish them and ended up having the rest for dinner. It’s not just about the size and price either…none of that would matter if the food was poor. But, you could tell that fresh vegetables were used for the filling inside the buns, and they also had a variety of other ingredients mixed in like mushrooms, rice noodles, and tofu. Really fantastic!



8 thoughts on “Giant Steamed Veggie Buns!

    1. Hey Guy! It’s called Sun Fresh Bakery, on Keefer St. You should totally go there! I think it opens around 11AM and whenever I walk over there in the morning, all the breads are still hot 😀 But yeah, it’s super cheap and all the food is massive. I’m in Japan now though so I won’t be able to go back for a long time 😦

    1. Yeah they’re super light and fluffy! I’ve never attempted to make them but somehow I don’t think they’d turn out like this haha!

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