Chestnuts and Dried Persimmons in Japan

I visited another farmers’ market! This one was just a little bit further away, and close to the Ibaraki airport. The market is called Solala, and it’s made up of a whole bunch of shops arranged in a circle with a big park in the centre. It’s a pretty fantastic layout — you can buy your fresh fruits, lunchboxes, or sweets and then head outside for a little picnic right there on the lawn.

At Solala, I found these massive roasted chestnuts. They were probably at least an inch and a half across. Crazy! I was never too much into roasted chestnuts before, but the ones that I’ve been finding locally in Ibaraki prefecture have been pretty incredible.


Outside some of the storefronts, they were also hanging these dried persimmons, or hoshigaki. (Hoshi means “dry” and kaki or gaki means “persimmon”). These one’s aren’t quite ready yet, but after a they have dried out a little more they look and taste a lot like giant dates!



9 thoughts on “Chestnuts and Dried Persimmons in Japan

    1. Haha yeah! I think the airport is new. From western culture, I feel like roasted chestnuts are a Christmas food hehe, but I swear the Japanese ones are the best I’ve had!

    1. I’m glad you like hoshigaki, too! They’re definitely my favorite dried fruit, by far! I hope you get to visit Japan again soon 🙂

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