Roadtrip to Aomori: Japanese Curry for Lunch

On our second day in Aomori we stopped in at a famiresu for lunch. In Japanese, famiresu is short for “family restaurant”. Family restaurants are very popular in Japan but funnily enough, even though the name comes from English, I’m pretty sure there isn’t any true equivalent of a famiresu in the English-speaking world.

Generally, “family restaurants” are casual diners that offer Western style dishes as well as a selection of Japanese foods. Their dessert menu is also pretty extensive, which I’m always happy about! The menu is always reasonably priced, and unlike our concept of a “diner” in North America, the food is actually pretty high quality and artistically plated, and the interior decor is quite nice.

At this famiresu, I ordered a vegetable curry. Totally impressed by the quality of the ingredients and the care that went into it, especially for the price. Well done Aomori! 😀



9 thoughts on “Roadtrip to Aomori: Japanese Curry for Lunch

  1. Every time I’m in Japan I am amazed over how fantastic the veggies tastes. So much better than home. I love the Japanese daikon for example, but everywhere else it tastes bitter! Go figure.

    1. I know, I totally agree! When I get daikon elsewhere it can either have a mild and watery flavour, or sometimes it’s really hot like a red radish. But, the daikon in Japan have the perfect balance of sweetness…and they get so soft when cooked!

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