Roadtrip to Aomori: Dinner and Live Shamisen Music

For dinner in Aomori we went to this amazing Japanese pub. It’s not the kind of place where you sit on a bar stool and chug a pint of beer while munching on a burger and fries, though. In the traditional Japanese style, we all get to sit on the floor on these large cushions (zabuton) and relax for hours. The dark wooden furnishings used in all old Japanese buildings and the traditional paper screens add a really authentic touch. And get this…there’s a live shamisen performance each evening!


We shared a big a hotpot of tofu and veggies cooked right there on a little fire in the middle of our table. We also ordered a whole bunch of neat appetizers including a serving of roasted garlic with a sweet miso dressing…plus a lot of good sake and beer, of course!

There’s something about sitting on the floor that’s so welcoming and comfortable. Instead of feeling like a bunch of patrons at a restaurant, it feels like a big party and you sort of build this feeling of closeness with everyone else there. And as an added bonus, when you finally get sleepy (or drunk!) you can just lie flat on your face and no one really cares haha 😀



13 thoughts on “Roadtrip to Aomori: Dinner and Live Shamisen Music

    1. Yes, go travel! haha
      All the prep work is a super hassle…renewing passports, arranging for time off, finding a farm sitter… 😛
      But once you’re there, it all becomes totally worth it!

    1. Thanks! It was a really relaxing evening. If you’re going to dine out in Japan, it’s really worth your while to go to one of these sorts of traditional places where you can just relax for hours. It’s not just about the food — it’s a whole experience 😀

    1. The garlic is actually roasted so it has a pleasant mild, smoky flavour. Kind of like when an onion is raw, it’s really hot, but when you caramelize it, it becomes really sweet. It’s also a special type of garlic, I guess, because the bulb is huge! It was big enough that we split one between four of us.

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