Japanese Bakery, Sweet Red Bean Bread

Without a doubt, one of my favorite things about Japan is its amazing bakeries. The bread is always so fluffy and rich, and the variety is incredible. Bread here is served up in every imaginable flavor, shape, and color, and most come with a whole range of fillings as well, from sweet to savory.

I recently visited this little bakery where everything is handmade fresh each morning. I arrived only slightly past lunchtime and most of the buns had already been bought up. Luckily, there was just one single anpan bun left and I quickly put it on my tray before that disappeared, too!

Anpan are one of the most traditional types of Japanese buns. The bread is sweet and very soft, and inside they are filled with a special red bean jam that tastes a lot like chocolate. They’re a classic. Sooo good!!




4 thoughts on “Japanese Bakery, Sweet Red Bean Bread

    1. Yeah, they were really good quality! They used real azuki instead of diluting it with lard or other types of beans like in a lot of pre-packaged anpan, and there were poppy seeds on top instead of the usual sesame seeds, which gave it a distinct flavor. Such a treat 😀

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