Noodles and Gyoza in Japan

When in Japan, there are a few dishes that I absolutely can’t return home without trying at least once. As much as I’ve been enjoying cooking at home with all the amazing market fresh produce, I try and treat myself to a restaurant meal every once in a while. The other day, I went for lunch at at a place that’s pretty much the Japanese equivalent of a diner. It’s the type of place where business men stop by for a quick bowl of noodles during their lunch break, and it serves up all the standard fare.

Between two of us, we ordered a bowl of ramen and a gyoza lunch set which came with six gyoza, soup, and a big bowl of rice (free refills!). Each was only somewhere around six dollars.


Considering how reasonable the prices were, the quality of the food took me by surprise. The gyoza were actually handmade and filled with fresh green onions, and the noodles also look like they were made in-house.

Ticking things off the list one dish at a time. Next up, Japanese curry!


7 thoughts on “Noodles and Gyoza in Japan

    1. Neat! I’ll go check them out right now. I’ve made gyoza at home a number of times, and of course ramen with store bought noodles, but I’d love to be able to make my own noodles some time. The other night, I visited someone’s house and was served their own fresh te uchi (hand made) udon noodles. It’s so different!

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