Homemade Roasted Soy Butter (Nut-free!)

Roasted soy bean flour, called kinako, has for centuries been a popular topping for traditional Japanese sweets. It has a distinct flavour that is almost like a fusion between maple syrup and peanuts. Most often, the soy bean powder is sprinkled over various mochi treats, which are these traditional sweet, gooey cakes made out of pounded sticky rice.

I’ve also noticed various soy-based nut butter alternatives popping up on store shelves as a peanut butter substitute for people with nut allergies. They taste great, but they’re always loaded up with added oil, sugar and salt, plus they are slightly on the pricey side. But then I realized that you can totally make your own at home using just kinako powder!

Even if you’re like me and you’re lucky enough not to have any allergies, this is still a healthy, cheap, and delicious butter. Not to mention, it’s extremely easy to make!

Here, I just mixed together the kinako powder, with maple sugar to taste, and a pinch of cinnamon. All you do is stir it together with a bit of water and it quickly transforms into this light, fluffy soy butter! You can of course add a bit of oil or salt if you like, but there is absolutely no need for it.


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