Rosemary Hash Browns

For a simple but really fragrant and decadent breakfast, I made these hash browns with roasted baby potatoes and a few handfuls of rosemary from the garden. I love it when the whole kitchen smells like herbs and spices!

rosemary potatoes


9 thoughts on “Rosemary Hash Browns

    1. Yay! I hope you try it out. I love rosemary. That, and basil are probably two of my favorite herbs. Actually I just tried out toasting slices of homemade bread with sprigs of rosemary scattered on top. So good!

      1. I’ll have to pick up some rosemary to give this lovely recipe a try. Paprika is also great on potatoes – have you tried that? Oh yum! Baking delish herbs into homemade bread is another option that I love.

      2. Nope, never tried it with paprika, but I will!
        Another thing I’ve been wanting to try out is baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon. Apparently it’s amazing.

      3. OH GIRL you have to try sweet potatoes with cinnamon! It’s absolutely amazing. Sometimes I add a bit of brown sugar or maple syrup. It caramelizes and goes so nicely with the creamy sweet potato’s sweetness! You must, must try it. It makes a great salad topper!

      4. O_O Maple syrup? I love that idea!! That sounds insanely good. Okay, I really have to get around to trying this. Now that it’s getting cooler outside I can start to use the oven again. Excited 😛

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