Sweet Potato and Okra Rice Bowl

For breakfast I put together this delicious rice bowl using my new favorite sweet potato rice. (If you still haven’t tried this, do! Not only are the potatoes steamed to perfection, but the rice also gets steeped in such a gorgeous flavor.) On top of this, I added steamed okra, enoki mushrooms, sliced carrots, and a piece of tofu marinated in rice koji.

I usually go with something sweet for breakfast like banana and date oatmeal, blackberry jam on bread, or a fruit bowl. But the natural sugars brought in by the sweet potatoes, the mushrooms, and the carrots was so satisfying. I am absolutely making this again. Very simple, extremely healthy…and delicious!


5 thoughts on “Sweet Potato and Okra Rice Bowl

    1. Haha I totally understand what you mean! I disliked okra for years, and then I became kind of neutral about it. But, just this week I came across an awesome deal so I ended up buying some. This was the first time I can say that I actually liked them! Cooked correctly, and combined with the right foods, turns out that okra can be pretty great 😛

  1. I need to get a rice-cooker. Okra’s a bit too slimy for me. (Still loving that toast recipe and you’re right, the black pepper is awesome!)

    1. Haha yeah, I know what you mean about the okra! It’s a bit bitter as well. I’ve heard that it’s very healthy though, so I am glad that I’m finally starting to like it. 😛
      So you tried the black pepper!! I’m so happy that you like it! I have experimented with other combinations of different jams, fruits, and nut butters. I’ll do another post on it in the next day or so. See what you think 😀

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