Pink Beet Rice…and Cucamelons!

I took a walk down the road to the local Farmers’ Market, which is held in Yaletown every week throughout the summer. How amazing is it that you can buy fresh farm produce right in the middle of downtown Vancouver!

I picked up a bunch of beets for just $2.50. I absolutely love the burst of colour and flavour that they add to salads. This time, I tried mixing them in with my white rice and the result was this gorgeous bright pink dish.

Isn’t it so pretty?!

But, it’s not just the aesthetics. Adding in the beets gives the rice a really pleasant, subtle sweetness. For a little extra flavour, I sprinkled on some sesame seeds, dried herbs, and egoma seeds.

Here are some shots of my visit to the farmers’ market.


Also, look what I found…cucamelons! This was the first time I ever heard of these. I swear, they taste like an exact fusion between cucumber and watermelon. The inside is green with a watery pulp, just like a cucumber, but on the outside they even look like mini watermelons. So neat.


8 thoughts on “Pink Beet Rice…and Cucamelons!

    1. Thanks! Yeah I just boil the beets until they’re nice and soft. I absolutely love how powerful the colouring is on them. Just one slice can turn a whole bowl of rice bright pink (and delicious). Have fun 😛

    1. Doesn’t it? 😀
      I love playing around with the colouring of beets. This morning, I even added a little beet juice to my oats. Pink oatmeal! haha

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