Banana Tahini Toast

It honestly tastes like cake! Creamy, rich cake that you can have for breakfast daily and not even think twice about. Just get some good quality bread (here I used whole grain sesame seed bread), and toast it up. Then add on slices of ripe banana drizzled with tahini, your favorite jam, and a dash of cinnamon. One final ingredient that really takes this to the next level is a sprinkle of black pepper. If you’ve never tried this before…I know, it sounds weird right? I heard that in Britain (and probably other places, too), sometimes people use a bit of freshly ground black pepper on fruit desserts, which adds a little kick and actually works to enhance the sweetness. Just make sure you don’t overdo it!


33 thoughts on “Banana Tahini Toast

    1. Haha absolutely! I guess I never stopped being a kid. Well…let’s just pretend that the tahini and black pepper give it a grown up twist 😛

      1. I just had it again this morning – slightly different version: organic tahini, organic cocoa powder, organic blueberry jam, quite ripe organic bananas and organic cinnamon on Silver Hills organic Big 16 bread. It really WAS like cake! Going to do this for my husband on Saturday morning. He’ll love it! Thank you!

      2. Aw sounds fantastic! I also used Silver Hills bread, but I had the Squirrelly variety with the sesame seeds around the crust. I love the idea of adding on cocoa powder. I’ll try that next time! Or maybe I’ll just go all out and sprinkle on some dark chocolate shavings or cacao nibs. This is quickly evolving into a very fancy toast 😀

      3. I love Silver Hills! Have you tried their bagels? The herb and garlic are amazing!
        I usually eat a piece of chocolate in the morning anyway, so don’t want to add too much to my toast. (I didn’t try the black pepper yet, but I will!) Have you tried the Silver Hills King’s Bread or Queen Khorasan? Actually, all of them are really delicious. We don’t eat anything else and I do love my toast.

      4. I know what you mean! I’m also a big fan of Silver Hills. I’ve tried their Rappleberry bagels, which are divine, as well as their gluten free chia bread, flax bread, and 20 Grain. I often end up falling back to Squirrelly because I love the taste of roasted sesame seeds after putting the bread on the grill. I had no idea they had herb and garlic bagels though! I need to get my hands on some of those. Sounds like it would be good with hummus 🙂

      5. speaking of hummus (when you don’t feel like making your own, the Summer Fresh Jerusalem with herbs is amazing!) I buy Pita Fresh small pitas, roll them out with a rolling pin, spread them with hummus, and layer on tomatoes, fresh basil and some daiya cheez pieces. Put in a 400 degree oven until cheez melts and then sprinkle with fresh-ground black pepper. That’s my lunch, often times.

      6. That sounds lovely! I used to do a similar thing with whole grain tortillas, but haven’t done it with pitas yet. I especially like the idea of using fresh basil. It’s absolutely one of my favorite herbs. Now that I’m thinking about it, I suppose a dash of pesto would also work really well!

      7. Must clarify that it is the breakfast pitas – “morning rounds” – multigrain. I try to keep fresh basil on my island – too hot in my yard to keep it alive and not much sun in my kitchen (plus cats), but I try to buy organically grown plants and use as much as possible each day. Pesto works well too, yes!

      8. Ah, that’s so nice. I haven’t had much luck with growing herbs inside. Out in the garden, I have a constant supply of rosemary, lemon thyme, mint, lemon balm, and sage. But basil is so delicate and the slugs always get to it!

      9. Yes! Happily, it cannot harm them at all. Charlie’s pretty good about not eating much; it’s when he slides the pot onto the floor that we have a problem.

      10. Actually, I have two: Charlie and Prudie. He’s a lovable nut, and she’s just a little sweetie. I’d love to show them to you.

      11. Aw, it must be fun to have cats running around. You should feature them on your blog one day 😀

      12. I have a few runes that pertain to their antics. I may put their picture in the sidebar at some point though. Have a lovely day!

    1. Awesome! I hope you love it as much as I do 😛
      Let me know how it goes…or, if you discover another combination that works!

  1. I’ve always been boring with tahini – I use it in hummus or salad dressings etc, I’ll have to try this one! Sounds yummy – I’m guilty of needing a little something sweet for breakfast everyday!

    1. Oh yeah, I absolutely use it in hummus and salads, too! As a salad dressing I’ll usually mix it with lemon juice and a bit of soy sauce. I love it.
      But, when I use tahini in sweet dishes I find that it tastes somewhat like Middle Eastern halva. So good!

  2. The pepper idea is interesting and intriguing! I want to try it out but I’m scared I’ll add a little too much by mistake. I always add so much cinnamon (which is not a problem) but I can see how too much black pepper would ruin the breakfast!

    1. I know, I add insane amounts of cinnamon to anything I can get away with 😛
      But yeah, now I’m in love with adding a little black pepper just a pinch at a time to get the right ratio. Sounds sketchy, but it’s definitely worth a try!

      1. Haha good to know I’m not the only one who still has this for breakfast! I’ll probably be eating PB and banana sandwiches for the rest of my life. Never gonna grow out of that 😛

      2. Have you tried them sprinkled with cinnamon and grilled? It totally elevates the whole flavour, texture, and eating experience overall! Grilled hot PB + B sandwiches make the insides melty and the outsides crispy. It’s divine. One of my fave brekkies!

      3. Actually, now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve tried that exact combination. PB&B with cinnamon, check. Grilled PB&B, check. But, weirdly enough I’ve never grilled PB&B with cinnamon. I absolutely will now!
        You know what I had a lot over the summer, though? Grilled PB with slices of pear!! I ran out of bananas one day so I tried grilling with slices of very ripe pear. Sooo good!

      4. Grilled peanut butter sandwiches with PEAR? OMG. That sounds great! I was just at a farmers market and saw lots of beautiful Barlett peaches but kept walking… oh man!

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