Lentil Taco Salad with Egoma Seeds

My newest love is romaine lettuce. Lately, I’ve just been buying a huge bag of about five heads of lettuce and using it in all kinds of different dishes. For breakfast, I put together this taco bowl.

I used romaine lettuce topped with a few scoops of homemade lentil curry, and sliced carrot marinated in soy sauce and kombu (it’s a Japanese thing). For some extra crunch, I sprinkled over some bhelpuri and perilla seeds.

Bhelpuri is a popular Indian snack made up of a spicy and delicious mixture of puffed rice, thin chickpea noodles, split lentils, and peanuts. Typically, it might be served over a little bowl of diced up potatoes, tomatoes, cilantro and onions, topped with some sweet and savory chutneys. But, here I just tossed it onto my salad which adds a fantastic spicy flavor to the veggies.

The perilla seeds I actually got from Japan. Over there, they are called egoma. These little guys are from part of the mint family (the same with chia seeds), and are very high in omega-3. In Japanese cuisine, they are roasted and often ground up to use as toppings for traditional sweets. So, this taco salad was definitely a crazy fusion of different food cultures, but whatever…it worked!

On other days, for breakfast I often just pile up on fruit. I can’t tell you how much I love the summer. So many amazing fresh fruits and veggies…and they’re finally affordable! Which is a good thing because it’s pretty much all I crave when the weather is hot like this. These two containers of mangoes and guava, I got for just $2! There was no way I could pass that up. If you’ve never tried a banana and guava smoothie, I highly recommend it. It’s life-changing.


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