Vegan Chicken Teriyaki

When I was younger, I would pretty much unfailingly order a chicken teriyaki rice bowl any time I went to Japanese restaurant. I tried making a similar style teriyaki dish using yuba, which I have to say was the closest thing I’ve had to chicken teriyaki in a number of years now. Satisfying, healthy, and very simple!


If you have never heard of yuba before, it’s sometimes described as “tofu skin”, or in more detailed terms, the film that forms on the surface of soy milk when it is being heated up for the production of tofu. You can find it at most Asian grocery stores, either fresh (in which case you can eat it as is), or dried (in which case you would reconstitute it by soaking in water). There are of course different qualities of yuba, and in my experience the fresh stuff is best for this type of dish.

In Japan, I tried yuba at a tofu restaurant. When served fresh, it usually has no added sauce or flavorings and has a nice mild flavour not too unlike tofu. The traditional style of serving looks something like this.


For the teriyaki rice bowl, I made my own teriyaki sauce by mixing together the following ingredients, covering the yuba in the sauce, and then grilling them for a few minutes (flipping frequently to keep them from burning) until they were nice and crispy on the outside.

  • soy sauce
  • agave
  • sesame seeds
  • a tiny bit of ground ginger (if you like ginger)
  • a pinch of black pepper
  • chili sauce of your liking (or crushed chili peppers)

The photo below is an unadon version, with nori underneath and a sprinkling of sanshō (a type of Japanese pepper) on top.


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