Cilantro Pesto with Baby Potatoes

I had been hoping to try my hand at cilantro pesto for a little while now, so I was pretty stoked when I stumbled across a fantastic deal at the market the other day. (Two bunches for $1! It looked like they were overstocked…that never happens.)


I may have been a little generous with the amount of nuts, so it came out with this really rich, roasted flavour. I also opted to add in a little bit of tahini. I have never had tahini in pesto before, but as long as you don’t add in so much as to overpower the flavour of the cilantro, it does add a very nice smooth and creamy texture.


  • two bunches of cilantro
  • a couple tbsp of tahini
  • a big handful of nuts (cashews, almonds, and walnuts)
  • a handful of pine nuts
  • one clove of garlic
  • a tad of dried onion
  • crushed chilli
  • salt and pepper
  • just a few drops of sesame oil

…and blend lightly.

This cilantro pesto is fantastic not only with pasta, but roasted baby potatoes, or even a nice thick slice of baguette.



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