Grilled and Seasoned Tofu Strips

I made burritos for dinner and I wanted to add a bit more bite to them without having to use processed vegan meat, so I tried grilling some slices of extra firm tofu. It’s a lot faster than baked tofu and requires a lot less planning ahead. It sounds pretty strange, but steak rub (at least the one I found) is actually vegan. It’s just a mixture of garlic, onion, a bunch of spices, and salt, and so I use this to give a really nice smokey, grilled flavour to the tofu. I just mix it with a bit of soy sauce, roll the tofu around in it, and pop it into the grill for a few minutes. That’s really all there is to it, and the tofu comes out with this almost crispy texture on the outside.




To make things even simpler, sometimes I even skip the grilling step and just put the spice and soy sauce mixture straight onto some thick slices of warmed tofu, for some easy and satisfying tofu steaks in a pinch. Why not? I’m all about the short cuts =)

steak tofu


5 thoughts on “Grilled and Seasoned Tofu Strips

    1. Thanks! And I appreciate the comment on the photos, too. I had a bit of a struggle getting the right angle for lighting, so I’m glad they turned out okay! 🙂

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