Travelling Japan: Bar Food and Hotel Buffet

I took a long train trip out to visit a friend who I had not seen since she moved to Japan about five years ago. The night I arrived she treated me to dinner and drinks at a very popular izakaya (a style of Japanese bar/pub that is known not only for their drinks, but their good food). When I go drinking in Vancouver, pretty much my only veggie option is yam fries — unless I want to dish out a hefty $15 for a chickpea burger… So, I was pleased to find an assortment of steamed vegetables on the menu! There was also mushroom tempura, which I of course had to try.




Japanese sake rice wine with lime juice
Japanese sake rice wine with lime juice

The next morning, back at the hotel, they served up a gorgeous buffet breakfast. There were of course the typical Western style foods like eggs and sausage, but I was pleased to find a generous assortment of plant foods including buckwheat noodles, salads, tofu, rice, pickled vegetables, and fruit.



And, of course no good Japanese hotel would be complete without the infamous array of very creative vending machines. Among which, I spotted this “hot menu” machine which served up hot dogs, fries, rice balls, fried chicken, takoyaki, and stir fried noodles.



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