Travelling Japan: Japanese Indian Restaurants

When I travel, I have a bit of a fascination with experiencing other countries’ interpretations of foreign cuisine. Living in Vancouver, with sushi restaurants on ever corner, what does Japanese food really taste like in Japan? How is this different from other cultures’ take on the same dishes?

When I was in India it became a bit of a hobby to seek out not only Indian food but also Japanese food in order to see to what extent it had become infused with elements of the local cuisine. In Japan, I likewise stopped at a number of Indian restaurants, finding a huge range from highly altered dishes, to the impressively authentic.

On my second visit to the national library in Tokyo, I made a detour to a shrine and stopped for lunch at an Indian restaurant that I happened to walk past. All over Japan, the naan had this distinct shape that I have never encountered before, and it was always made with Japanese flour, giving it a sweeter taste. The lunch set also came with veggie curry, rice, and salad.





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4 thoughts on “Travelling Japan: Japanese Indian Restaurants

  1. Very interesting way to search for certain foods. I know what you’s like trying to figure out Hawai’ian influences in Chinese food or Carribbean influence on Chinese dishes.

    1. Definitely. Each country or region seems to put their own unique spin on different cuisines, and it’s so fun how they tweak the dishes to match their to their own taste. 🙂

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