Travelling Japan: Green Onion Soba and Fresh Rice Crackers

During my visit to the old Ōuchi-juku post station in Fukushima, I of course couldn’t help but try out their most iconic dish — green onion soba noodles. The noodles are made out of buckwheat, and instead of giving you chopsticks, they give you this massive stalk of fresh green onion to use as a utensil. It’s a funny concept for sure, but it works! And it adds a great flavour to the soup, too.


This was also my first time seeing fresh sembei (rice crackers) being made right there in front of us. He toasted these huge round crackers, dipped them in the sauce, wrapped them in nori, and handed them to you while they were still warm! I also tried out konnyaku, which if you’ve never tried it before, is actually made out of a special type of potato, but actually has more of the consistency of a thick jelly.  It has a huge amount of health benefits, and despite being really tasty, it’s actually zero calories! Crazy.





During the drive, I also stopped at many other places along the way to stretch my legs and take some photos. The little red building in the photo below was washed away in the 3/11 tsunami, and what we see here is a reconstruction of the original. It was definitely a surreal experience to visit these areas that I had thought I would never get the chance to see.





4 thoughts on “Travelling Japan: Green Onion Soba and Fresh Rice Crackers

    1. Haha yes, apparently you can munch on it as you eat the noodles. I was determined to eat the whole green onion, but only made it half way through. Those things were hot!!

    1. Thanks very much! I also love some thinly sliced green onions over over my soba noodles, but this was a very creative way of serving them haha
      Delicious though 😛

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