Travelling Japan: Full Course Tofu Lunch

You think you know what tofu is…and then you go to Japan.

It’s so different! If you can get your hands on high quality tofu, it has such a rich flavour and they use it in so many extraordinarily creative ways. I was lucky enough to be taken for a full course tofu lunch, complete with a soy milk hot pot for cooking up your veggies right there at the table.


tofu3 tofu2tofu5tofu1tofu6

All this was served to us in our own private house in the middle of a beautiful traditional Japanese garden. A lot of nicer restaurants in Japan will commonly give you your own individual room or even a separate house so that you can relax undisturbed with your friends and family. Amazing ❤



5 thoughts on “Travelling Japan: Full Course Tofu Lunch

    1. 1) Thanks!
      2) HAHAHA nah, it’s a maple leaf! Japan has an ancient tradition of representing the Japanese maple leaf in literature, poetry, and other artistic works. lol

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