Travelling Japan: Cooking Indian Food in Japan

I love Japanese food. I could eat it every day. But, the same goes for Indian food, and especially since my trip to India last year it has become a staple part of my diet. After arriving in Japan it became a bit of a mission to search for some of the Indian spices that I am used to using. Finding some of the more common things like madras curry powder and cumin proved to be quite easy. Walking through the streets outside the Ueno train station, I also discovered fresh cilantro at a small grocery stand. It was far overpriced (about $2.50 for one bundle), but hey…I found some!




Made Indian curry for dinner tonight. I gave some to my uncle and aunt. I was not sure what to expect, but surprisingly they liked it! My aunt also went grocery shopping and brought over some goodies for me tonight — mushrooms, natto, leafy greens, miso, and most importantly, grapes. If you have never tried Japanese grapes, you’re missing out! They are out of this world.

chana jpn

veg haul


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