Travelling Japan: Soba noodles and Beer

I had a lot of soba (buckwheat noodles) in Japan. It was my go-to veggie meal. Soba is available pretty much anywhere, and thanks to its simplicity and popularity it is usually incredibly cheap. For lunch I got this plate of soba and a bowl of soup with renkon, sweet potatoes, daikon, carrots, pumpkin, and mushrooms. This is the typical way in which soba is served. The noodles come on the side and you put them in the soup as you eat.

soba veggies

After that, I went to the Asahi beer factory. They took us on an hour long tour, followed by free beer and snacks in a beautiful rooftop room with a view of the whole city. The only catch is that your three glasses must be finished in just twenty minutes.



On the way home we stopped at a local farmers’ market, filled with gorgeous fresh produce. I picked up some yams, green onions and satoimo (a kind of taro root vegetable).



5 thoughts on “Travelling Japan: Soba noodles and Beer

    1. Haha that’s very true! I thought I already knew what tofu was, but in Japan it is on a whole different level 😛

      I hope you will get to visit Japan again. It’s my favorite country and I can’t wait until I can make it over there again. (hopefully soon!)

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