Travelling Japan Food Diary: Airplane Meal and Breakfast

My blog has been completely silent for the last month and a half because…guess where I’ve been! Japan!!

I had not been there for the last seven years, and it was a trip that I had been desperately wanting to take for the longest time. I was insanely busy the whole time and I did not want to miss a second of it so I left off any blogging until after I had returned to Vancouver.
For the next little while I am going to recap all the incredible foods that I discovered during my trip. This was my first visit to Japan since I stopped eating animal products, and while I did find it nearly impossible to remain vegan at all times, maintaining a vegetarian standard was a cinch.

So kicking things off with my plane meal…


I requested the Asian veggie meal and got this fantastic Indian curry dish with a side of salad, bread and fruit. The entre may not be much to look at but it was piping hot and almost restaurant quality. This was hands down the best airplane food I have ever had.
I arrived at my new home late at night and was in bed by 2am. Here was my very first breakfast in Japan. Their rice is so different!

first breakfast


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