Mickey Okonomiyaki Pancakes

After going to that Japanese festival the other weekend, I was really craving okonomiyaki. The smell of them was wafting through the air the whole day…soo tempting. Okonomiyaki are Japanese savory pancakes that are a staple food at every festival event. The batter is made with flour, shredded cabbage, and yam, and then an assortment of other veggies may be added in to taste. Eggs and a small amount of dried fish are also commonly used, so I had to wait until I got home to create my own veganized version! They’re usually cooked in a pan or on a hotplate, but I decided to put my batter in the Mickey Mouse waffle maker. Why not?


As per tradition, I topped mine with tonkatsu sauce (similar to Worcestershire sauce but thicker, sweeter, and veggie based), and an amazing vegan mayonnaise that I just picked up at a Taiwanese grocery store. I know I could have gotten Vegenaise or something like that, but this tastes pretty great and it’s literally a fraction of the price. (I think it was on sale for around $1.50). Anyhow, craving satisfied!

egg-free mayo


7 thoughts on “Mickey Okonomiyaki Pancakes

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you liked the idea. Okonomiyaki are super healthy as far as pancakes go, seeing as they’re pretty much fifty percent veggies! For this one I used atta flour, but I’m thinking of giving it another go with chana (chickpea) flour. So, we’ll see how that goes 🙂

  1. This looks amazing! I’ve bee contemplating going vegan because I don’t eat a lot of meat or animal products to start with, your page is seriously making me heavily consider it. The food looks amazing!

    1. Thank you! That means a lot. One of the main reasons why I started this blog was to show my friends and family (and myself) how vegan meals can be created with cheap and simple ingredients, and yet with so many amazing flavours that you don’t even notice the lack of animals products!
      Like you, I was just never into animal foods at all either…so I guess we’re super lucky that way 🙂

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