Fenugreek Sprout Salad

Over the last year or two I’ve frequently been sprouting mung beans to use for cooking and various salads, but I recently tried sprouting fenugreek seeds for the first time. The sprouts come out a little smaller but have a distinct and very pleasant flavour. For dinner, I mixed them into my salad, together with local orange tomatoes, cucumbers, tofu, celery, broccoli, peas, corn, sesame seeds, and apples from the garden, plus a simple dressing of mustard and soy sauce.

fenugreek salad


4 thoughts on “Fenugreek Sprout Salad

  1. This looks yummy! I’ve done mung beans but never fenugreek. I’ll have to look for the seeds and see if I can find them. I’ve only ever used the ground spice. Thanks for the post!

    1. I’ve been sprouting a whole bunch of different things lately. Some work…others not so much haha
      But the fenugreek was a definite success! It definitely adds a lot of flavour to salads and tacos. Next I’m thinking of trying a sprout sandwich 🙂

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