Japanese Festival – Delicious Mochi Treats

Just one last festival post for the summer! Here are some shots of the Powell Street festival — an annual celebration in the historic Japan town of Vancouver. Lots of fun performances, artisanal goods, and the most tempting food trucks and vendors. Not all were vegan, but there definitely were a decent share of creative Japanese veggie items. I got my hands on a little box of daifuku — a traditional sweet made with mochi (pounded rice) on the outside, and azuki (sweet red bean paste) on the inside. If you’ve never tried it, you must! They’re indescribably good, and hands down my favorite Japanese treat.

powell festival 2powell festival 3powell festival powell festival 6 powell festival 5 powell festival 4


5 thoughts on “Japanese Festival – Delicious Mochi Treats

    1. Good news is mochi is always vegan! It’s just made with pounded glutenous rice. Or, when people make it at home they usually use glutenous rice flour (and maybe a bit of sugar), which is way easier. The only time there would be any dairy in it is if ice cream or cream is used as a filling instead of the traditional bean fillings. So, no worries 😀

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