Chariot Festival of India (plus, veggie info and feast!)

This weekend in Vancouver, I headed out for the local Hare Krishna celebration, the 41st annual Chariot Festival of India (or, ratha yatra).

hare krishna1

To my understanding, this tradition has been practiced in India for thousands of years, and has come to be celebrated in countries around the world since the popularization of the Hare Krishna movement in the 1960’s. In India, it’s practiced on an enormous scale, with a number of impressive, colourful chariots being pulled by masses of people to its final destination at a nearby temple. Here in Vancouver, the chariot was pulled a few kilometres along the ocean to rest at Stanley Park, where there was loads of information not only on the religion itself, but on vegetarianism/veganism. And of course, no Hare Krishna event would be complete without the free veggie feast!

hare krishna8hare krishna4hare krishna6hare krishna2hare krishna3IMGP3238 IMGP3239 IMGP3242 IMGP3243 IMGP3245 IMGP3246 IMGP3247 IMGP3248


7 thoughts on “Chariot Festival of India (plus, veggie info and feast!)

  1. This is especially interesting for me right now because one of the podcasts I follow, History of Our World, has been doing Indian philosophical tradition recently – the Jains and Buddhism, and all, you know. It sure is a whole other world, but it is also interesting to see a few parallels with the Greek philosophical schools of thought – just a few though. What is that purple morsel on your plate, by the way?

    1. I completely agree. Indian philosophy, religion, mythology, etc. is beyond fascinating, and as you get more and more into it, you definitely do begin to see its presence in Greek thought, plus that of numerous other cultures. Truly intricate and meaningful stuff. It’s what I’m working on for my thesis, which explains all the Indian food on my blog!
      That purple bit is a sweet semolina pudding called suji ka halwa. It’s a soft dessert flavoured with cardamom, and in this case the purple comes from blueberries, but they also had another kind with cinnamon. I think it tastes a bit like coffee cake in pudding form!

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like it! This was my first time visiting the Vancouver Hare Krishna festival, and I definitely learned a whole lot and found it very inspirational. 🙂

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