Vegan Chapati Tacos

I’ve been craving tacos over the last month and half, ever since I since I found myself stuck on a bus with the guy next to me talking about the lunch he just had at Chipotle for the whole ride. So, I took matters into my own hands and finally got around to making my own at home from scratch. 😀


Instead of making actual tortilla shells, which I believe would involve wheat flour and cornmeal, I still had a lot of atta flour lying around so I decided to make Indian chapati bread. It works just as well and adds a neat flavour. For the chapati, I put a few cups of atta flour in a bowl with a pinch of salt, just a few drops of oil, and enough water to knead it into a very firm dough. Then I just roll them out and cook them very briefly in a cast iron pan at high heat, then move them to a metal rack over a second element at high heat, which allows the chapati to puff up into this big ball (ideally!).


For the filling, I used a mixture of beans that I’d prepared by soaking the night before, plus these huge, incredibly delicious onions and orange tomatoes that I got at a local farm. I also had been sprouting some fenugreek seeds for a few days, so I added those in, along with some jalapenos.

onions and tomatoestaco7taco4taco3


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