Veg Fest, Vancouver!

Last weekend, I headed out to our annual Veg Fest here in downtown Vancouver. Lots of fun info booths, talks and performances, delicious samples, and some pretty creative vegan food truck ideas. Not to mention that fancy mango-on-a-stick that every other person was chowing down on!

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7 thoughts on “Veg Fest, Vancouver!

    1. Thanks! I’m really excited that Vancouver is quickly becoming more and more vegan friendly. Makes life more fun 😛

  1. Wow, it’s really a salt-of-the-earth operation! The mango looks delicious, but expensive indeed ^.^
    I am really glad that more vegan options are becoming available these days! This would be a nice event to try to make next year!

    1. Haha you noticed that did you? Yeah, $5 is a dear price to pay for a mango. I just picked up a case of nine for the same price. Now that’s a good deal ^^
      But yeah, I’m very excited that veganism and plant based eating seems to be getting more and more mainstream over here. It’s definitely a good sign. 🙂

    1. I didn’t get as far as the macaroons, but I did try out some fantastic lemon bars, date bars, granola, coconut peanut butter, oh and my first ever vegan yogurt. 😀

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