Sweet Wild Strawberries

It’s now one of my favorite times of year when the garden is thriving and all kinds of goodies are finally showing up! So far, the best thing by far has been these wild strawberries.


strawberry basket

I actually brought the seeds over from Japan in 2007. I only recently mulched my yard and that really did the trick — this is the first year that the strawberries have been popping up like crazy.

This Japanese variety is nothing at all like the local British Columbia ones I’ve been purchasing. These little guys are insanely sweet and soft, and they are red all the way through (unlike the local variety that have that characteristic flavourless white part in the centre). I cut a couple in half to show you guys the difference. The one on the left is from the garden, and the one on the right was store-bought:

strawberry slices

…And here are a few more exciting arrivals in the garden. I’m especially stoked about the figs!! The fig tree is doing really well this year. I think it’s thanks to the seaweed that I buried in the surrounding soil as a natural and nutrient-packed fertilizer.




4 thoughts on “Sweet Wild Strawberries

    1. Thanks! I’m really happy about what a productive year it’s been for the garden. I guess the weather has been perfect 🙂

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