Chia Brown Rice Sushi

Why would you add chia seeds to sushi?!

Because it tastes good…and it’s healthy…and it looks neat =)

But, also because I was making sushi with long grain brown rice which does not hold together nearly as well as regular white sushi rice, and I was thinking of ways that I could successfully get the rice to stay together without crumbling apart. It works!



9 thoughts on “Chia Brown Rice Sushi

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  1. Another way is to use a little white rice with the brown rice.
    Are those black seeds the chia seeds, or are they sesame seeds and the chia seeds are inside the rice and invisible? You mean that you add the chia seeds to the rice in by he beginning and cook together, or add to rice after cooking?
    You know, my dad doesn’t like the nori seaweed so he tries to peel it off when I make maki sushi and ruins the elegant shape, but if it is inversely wrapped like you have done, he would really have to destroy the thing to get it out! Ont of sight out of mind, maybe.

    1. Haha aw, but the nori is the best part!
      I completely agree with you on adding in the white rice — that’s a really good idea. Normally I would at least make the sushi with Japanese brown rice, but I was in a bit of a rural area and the only thing I could find was basmati rice. Brown rice already doesn’t stick together very well, but long grain is on a whole other level!
      I mixed in the chia seeds after cooking and sprinkled some on the outside too, for decoration. But that’s an interesting idea…I wonder what would happen if I added the chia seeds into the rice cooker.

  2. Hi Elle, wow, love this recipe!! This is just packed with Superfoods and totally down my alley!!! 😉 So smart of you to use the Chia seeds in addition to the brown rice to hold everything together. I have made sushi hand rolls with brown rice and noticed it doesn’t hold together at all, so chia seeds are a great addition! Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could discover yours! 😉 Thanks! Sylvia

    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you like it!
      I’m loving your blog so far. Such creative recipes, and amazing photography 🙂

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