Wheat, Atta, and Soy Flour Bread Mix

I recently made a flour mix that I’ve been experimenting with for a few different recipes, and so far everything has been turning out great!



I sifted together the following ingredients into a big jar so that I have a ready-made mix:

  • 3 cups atta flour
  • 6  heaping tbsp wheat flour
  • 6  heaping tbsp  soy flour
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp baking powder

— The first thing I tried out was some steamed muffins.

A couple weeks ago, I posted about a steamed banana muffin that I had made, but that time I used only wheat flour. I have just made the same kind of thing again only this time using the new mixture. It gives a bit of a different flavour (atta and soy flour have very distinct flavours) and a less chewy texture.

To make a single muffin, I take 2 heaping tbsp of this flour mix, and stir it in with 1/2 ripe banana, agave, and a pinch of salt. I scoop the batter into a little bowl and steam it on the stove for about 15 minutes. I tried making two different muffins, adding in sunflower seeds for one; and beet juice, blueberries, and a little extra banana for the other to make it into a bit more of a pudding.

I’m also trying out this same flour mix to cook up a few other things which I will let you guys know about soon!


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