It’s Rhubarb Season!

Things are finally starting to pop up in the garden. The rhubarb and herbs are completely ready, and the apples, figs, strawberries, tomatoes, etc. seem to be on their way. I picked some of the year’s first rhubarb and cooked up a rhubarb stew — one of my favorite desserts that I’ve been looking forward to every summer ever since I was a little kid.


I just chop up the rhubarb stalks into inch-long pieces and put them in a pot with just enough water to cover. Then I add in sugar (how much you add is up to you, but it’s very sour without…I’ve tried!), boil it on the stove, and then let it simmer for ten minutes or until nice and soft. I usually also like to stew it with strawberries, or sometimes even apple slices.

One of my favorite ways to serve it is to pour a few scoops over some slices of very ripe banana.



10 thoughts on “It’s Rhubarb Season!

  1. My mom used to make stewed rhubarb with strawberries every summer. My husband doesn’t care for it, but I still buy it once in a while and bake something with it. I loved the stewed stuff just on its own, but the banana idea sounds good. I wonder what frozen banana-rhubarb ice “cream” would be like?

      1. Yeah I only just recently discovered that! So neat — I’ll have to try that one out next time.

    1. Exactly! Rhubarb, raspberries and strawberries always remind me of summer and childhood days in the garden 🙂

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