Homemade Chapati (Indian flatbread)

Over the weekend, I had my first attempt at making my own chapati. Ever since returning home from my visit to India, I’ve been missing the fresh stacks of chapati that were served with almost every meal. When they’re given to you immediately they are still puffed up in a big ball, so that when you tear into it all the steam comes rising out. It’s just the best.

I happened to come across a large 10kg  bag of atta flour in the shops, so I hauled it home to try my hand at chapati.


It definitely takes a few tries to get it right, but I think I managed it in the end. They puffed up and everything!

The ingredients are very basic, vegan, and healthy: atta flour, salt, water, (you can also add a bit of oil to make the chapati soft, but I decided to go without this time).

I had this for dinner together with a big bowl of homemade daal. Perfect!


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