Purple Rice Burger

I came across these neat looking purple rice steamed buns and I had to give them a try. As expected, they’re just a little bit more crumbly than regular steamed buns, but in a good way. I ended up using them for these crazy looking purple burgers, filled with shredded cabbage, sauteed onion, and strips of sweet soy meat. Soo good!

purple burger


7 thoughts on “Purple Rice Burger

    1. They’re not gluten free because they do use some wheat flour, but on the up side they do have less gluten, so if you like the texture of steamed buns they’re a better option than the regular ones =P
      You should be able to find them at any large Chinese grocery store – luckily, we have quite a lot of them here in Vancouver. These ones I bought at T&T Supermarket. Hope you can find some!

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