Breakfast in India

As I slowly sort through my photos of India (I took hundreds and hundreds!), I’ll continue to make some posts on the variety of vegan/vegetarian dishes that I encountered over there — all of which were fantastic.

My first few days were spent at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi. After landing there in the middle of the night, I still can’t even express how amazing it was to wake up to the calls of wild peacocks literally right outside my window. Now that I’m back in rainy Vancouver, it seems like such an insanely different world!

paratha and potato curry breakfast at JNU guest house
My first meal in India: paratha and potato curry breakfast at JNU guest house

jnu bldgjnu market


4 thoughts on “Breakfast in India

  1. I just came across all your posts about India and its bringing a grin to my face. I also have such fond memories of food at JNU, its out of the world and amazingly cheap. I miss India even more now, I think I would go back soon 😛

    1. Totally, that was one of the many incredible things about India. All the food was so cheap…and impossibly delicious! It’s like everyone is a gourmet chef over there haha. Indian spices are magic.
      I stayed at JNU only for a short time, and spent most of my time in Dehradun, along with some shorter stays in Punjab and Delhi. I’m dying to go back again, but it was a very difficult trip! I keep hoping though 😛

      1. You mainly stayed in the Northern part of India. Next time, do give southern india a try, and you will fall in love like nothing else. And, the food over there is another level of bliss!

      2. Yes, I always wanted to visit the south! I had to go to the north because I had some things to attend there, but I hear wonderful things about the south.

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