…Veg KFC!?

As another update on some of the neat foods I encountered during my travels in India…they actually had vegetarian options at KFC! And I don’t mean salads either – they had a potato patty burger, two different types of veggie burgers, veggie strips, and a veg curry rice bowl.

I really had to try it out, but I wasn’t too hungry so I just ordered the snack-size ‘Potato Krisper’ and a small ‘Veg. Rice Bowlz’. The burger was just 25 rupees, and the rice bowl was 69 rupees, which comes out to about $1.90. Not bad!

dec 20 - 13dec 20 - 12 dec 20 - 11


6 thoughts on “…Veg KFC!?

    1. haha yeah I absolutely noticed that – and I loved it! The items they come up with are so creative, too. If Vancouver were a little more like that, I’d be in heaven 😛

    1. Yes, definitely! I really miss that about India — where vegetarian food is normal and more plentiful on the menu, and meat dishes are actually less common. 🙂
      Here, I’m often limited to either fries or a salad haha

    1. I know! It was so nice. From what I saw, I’m sure it’s almost impossible to find a place that has at least just as many veggie options than animal dishes, if not more.

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