Origami Paper Dolls

Random post — It’s been snowy and cold outside for the last couple of days…the perfect excuse to stay inside and do some crafts! Here’s my little paper family.

origami 1 origami 2 origami 3 backyard snow



6 thoughts on “Origami Paper Dolls

  1. What a contrast. We have had 3 months of high temperatures and only about 3 mm of rain in that time. Everything is parched and bush fires have been raging throughout the state.
    All signs of global warming as predicted.
    Unless the world does something about it, and quickly, more of the same and worse to come.

    1. Are you in the California area? I’ve been hearing about the severe drought down there. I hope things get better for you soon. It’s actually been warmer and drier than usual over here, too – except for this sudden cold snap. Crazy weather this year for sure!

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