Vegetarian Airplane Meals (pretty great!)

As promised, I’m going to start posting some photos from my recent trip to India. This was my first ever visit to the country, and I spent a couple of months there travelling around some of the northern areas. I was really happy to find that being vegetarian is absolutely not a problem in India – it’s pretty much the norm, and I never saw a single restaurant, cafeteria, or food stand that didn’t have vegetarian options. Being vegan, however, was a was a whole different ball game. There are dairy products in a lot of the curry dishes, most of their sweets, and unless you give very careful directions,  you can pretty much guarantee that your tea or coffee will be served up with lots of milk and sugar…But as long as you keep an eye out for those things, you’re good to go!

The airplane ride over there took about 30 hours, with layovers between Vancouver/Toronto/Paris/Delhi. The flights to Paris and Delhi were with Air France, and while they did not offer a vegan meal, their “Hindu Vegetarian” option was some of the best airplane food I’ve had yet! Most of it came with a stick of cheese, a block of butter, or a cup of yogurt off to the side, but I easily did without, as the main dish tended to be a generous enough portion.

dinner2 paris dinner paris dinner2


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