Special Food Parcel from Japan

Well, it looks like I’ve yet again ran off without any explanation and left a huge gap in time between posts. Sorry! >.<

I have good reasoning though! For the last couple of months I was actually in India, where it was next to impossible for me to get access to a stable internet connection. It was the most dynamic and incredible experience of my life, and I hope to be putting up some photos soon!

But for today, I’m showing off the awesome parcel that my relatives in Japan just sent over, jam packed with all sorts of goodies (and lots of vegan food, too)!


wakame (the kind of seaweed you put in miso soup)
wakame (the kind of seaweed you put in miso soup)
Special New Years tea…with actual gold in it!
shredded kombu
shredded kombu
origami paper

…And as a little bonus, I recently made ohagi, which is a special Japanese dessert. On the inside is a ball of Japanese sticky rice (the kind you use to make mochi), and on the outside is homemade sweet red bean paste, which is a traditional Japanese delicacy that tastes a lot like chocolate. I guess if I had to compare it to any other foods we have here in Canada, it’s almost like a chocolate-coated marshmallow…but vegan, and way healthier!



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