Vegan Fish Steaks!

Check out these fantastic vegan fish steaks that I got a hold of the other day! I had them for dinner and I just put them on the grill and added a bit of cilantro and soy sauce for flavouring. It really caught me off guard the way they smell almost identical to real fish – the “skin” you see around the outside is actually made of some kind of seaweed, giving it a pretty authentic seafood taste and smell.

veg fish


4 thoughts on “Vegan Fish Steaks!

    1. Haha yeah it’s so uncanny the way it’s so close to the real thing, right down to the shape and smell =P
      The texture is pretty different though – a lot closer to ham, I would say. But still, delicious!

    1. You get them over there too? Nice =)
      Yeah I absolutely love Asian grocery stores. They are definitely the best place for getting good vegan food without getting ripped off haha

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